We all learn the basic decorating frosting in our first cake decorating class, confectioner’s sugar, shortening, water.  This is fine for borders, flowers, and other decorations but if your going to serve it to guests you may want something a little tastier to frost the entire cake. 

While I use several different frosting recipes, such as boiled frosting and Italian meringue buttercream, here’s a little tip to make your basic decorator frosting more tasty.  Add 1 can of store bought vanilla frosting to your basic decorators frosting recipe.  I use Pillsbury Creamy Supreme Vanilla Frosting.  I find it accomplishes too things, it adds flavor that just adding clear vanilla extract doesn’t and it makes it easier to spread. 

I love using this for birthday cakes and someone always seems to comment on the frosting.  Note this is best to use when you are going to color the frosting.  Adding the can of store bought vanilla will give the frosting a slight ivory color and is not suitable if you are trying to achieve a pure white color such as with a wedding cake.

I suggest you experiment with the amount of store bought frosting you use based on the amount of frosting you are making.  You may want to added more or less to suit your taste and desired consistency.